Christmas Decorations 2015

I love love love decorating for Christmas.  Even if no one but me will see it.  So I thought I’d share some of my favorite things around the house (and because I’m a bit pressed for time this week). Warning: Picture Heavy Post!

002In the interest of full disclosure, I did not make these. Passed down from a parent’s aunt.

My tree is a bit small but I like the size for just me.  Three new red ornaments this year just arrived today as a gift!

My cat is terrified of these guys.  Although some mornings I find Rudolph knocked over.

I’ve had this forever and still like moving DecemBear around.  This year I’ve fallen behind a bit.

If there’s an earthquake Santa is going to plummet to the ground below.  Sorry Santa.

I actually bought these for my grandma years ago (she had a bit of a place mat obsession) and as my mom and I were cleaning out Christmas decorations from their cabin by the lake I found these.  What a wonderful reminder.

Stick ’em up Frosty!


Because carolers watching you in the bathroom isn’t creepy at all . . .


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  1. On my to-do list is visiting you one Christmas. These decorations are too adorable. 😀

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