Holiday Swap 2015

I alluded to this last week – a fantastic holiday fiber arts swap and some goodies.

UntitledSwap package sent to Nicky

Background: Four years ago I participated in a swap with a Ravelry Knit Picks group and met my wonderful friend Nicky (you can check out her blog here).  This year we decided to resurrect the swap just between us.  Same guidelines (mostly) as four years ago and we shipped early enough that it would arrive before Christmas.  Then, to sweeten the exchange we decided to open our swap packages together via Skype the morning of Christmas Eve.  On to the good stuff!

UntitledMy friend hand-made these in one of my favorite colors.  I plan to spin it and make an ornament for my tree as a reminder of the swap.

UntitledSome edible goodies.  The mugs are for me and my brother – yes, that’s a knit pattern on the mugs.  The candy bars contain two of my favor things – sea salt and caramels.  Mmmm.

UntitledSock yarn hand-dyed by my friend.  It’s a deep, vibrant purple with bluish undertones.  She only started dying this year and her work is amazing.  I’m privileged to be one of two people that has hand-dyed fiber from her.

UntitledSock yarn from Spinning Mule Fibers that Nicky bought at Rhinebeck.

UntitledSome more items:

  • Beautiful handmade stitch markers
  • Gray beads for lacework
  • Two sock knitting patterns (toe-up, of course)
  • Jeweled bookmark
  • Apple slicer (due to that little issue a month and some ago)

Thank you so much Nicky!



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2 responses to “Holiday Swap 2015

  1. Aren’t swaps the best! That’s a great haul. ❤

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