On the Wheel – February 2016

Flyer Gear
(above – Woolee Winder flyer gear)

The good news is I finished something since my last On The Wheel post.  The bad news is one of these items is still on here.  My default wheel is still my eSpinner and thus I haven’t been spinning on my Kromski Sonata nearly as much.  Both my Sonata projects are in my bin for this year.  I set aside (out of my stash baskets) enough fiber (that I really want to spin) to meet my ounce spinning goal for the year.  It is sort of a “Spin the Bin” thing but a bit more relaxed.


Dark Spectrum merino/alpaca spinning fiber

This is my next, not even quite on the wheel yet, fiber to spin on the miniSpinner.  Although it might be on the wheel by the time the post goes live. The fiber is again from Fiber Fancy (which I believe is now defunct) and is a 70/30 blend of merino/alpaca.The colorway is called “Dark Spectrum” and is a natural gray alpaca overdyed with red, orange, yellow, green and blue.  I have 4.2 ounces and intend to complete it as a two-ply yarn.  The second ply tentatively will be solid black alpaca.


UntitledThis is 4.2 ounces from wooliebullie and is a 50% merino, 50% mulberry silk blend. The colorway is Beaujolais – a deep purple/magenta. Buttery smooth top to the touch. I’m aiming for a 2-ply lace or light fingering. My default 2-ply is a sport weight so the lace is a challenge for me. It’s slow going – I’ve been pre-drafting a lot to keep it consistently thin. I divided the top in half (one for each ply) and am still on the first half.  I will finish both bobbins of singles and then ply on the eSpinner, I think.

UntitledThis is fiber from Tomorrow Farm for the Once Upon a Time Spin Along. I bought two different colorways from this spin along – Emma and Snow White. My Snow White (eight ounces) became this shawl. The Emma fiber is proving a bit more challenging (I’m blaming the tencel).  The fiber includes alpaca, tencel, merino and faux cashmere and is a pretty blend of blues, white and grays.  As with the purple above, I’ll finish spinning the singles on the Sonata and then ply on the miniSpinner.


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