On The Needles – May 2016


What’s on my needles right now!

The good news is I have finish-itis right now.  Don’t worry, never lasts long.  I just finished my next shawl design (actually a stole with beads) and am going to primarily work on two other projects before starting the sample knitting for my next design.

  • Diadem– I’m hoping to return to focusing on this next.  Unfortunately, I need to knit it at home, in good light, with minimal distraction. Brief reminder – this is the shawl I’m knitting for my friend Patty in exchange for a pair of handknit socks.  And she’s making good progress on the socks so I better hurry this up! Yarn is from Zen Garden (I think Serenity Silk – the light fingering weight one) and the pattern is Diadem by Ruth Greenwald.


  • Starry Whovian Socks – I am still loving knitting on this tiny circular needle.  I was actually farther along but really didn’t like where I’d started the ribbing I out ripped back a bit and started that ribbing earlier.  It’s become my current “brainless knitting” project that I can do anywhere, anytime.  These are plain socks with ribbing across the top, knit toe-up with an after-thought heel.  I’m using Quaere Fibre Sparkle Sock in the colorway Dr. Who Vincent and the Doctor.


  • Radiance Shawl– If you follow me on Instagram you know this was one of the three contenders for my next shawl.  I like the pattern, love the feel and color of the yarn but its just so darn splitty.  And I just finished another large lace project so would like to knit something a little heavier next.  Yarn is from Skeindulous Ursula in the color Little Ray of Happiness and the pattern is Radiance Shawl by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade.



  • Caprica Socks – More socks.  This has gone into hibernation.  I might pull them out after my Whovian socks and keep knitting or I might rip them out.  Yarn is Knit Picks Felici, a super soft merino/nylon blend, in the colorway Caprica.


  • Scarlet Capelet -Remember I said I was thinking of ripping this out? I did.  I’m going to knit another cape but one without a hood and with cables.  The yarn is Miss Babs Northumbria Aran in Vlads.





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  1. I’m about to do the same thing today, go through my WIPs and see what I really am going to finish. Love the way you organize your WIPs. 😀

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