Lace Circular Knitting Needle Comparison Part 1


The ultimate goal of a lace knitter – pointy needle tips, sleek needles, a smooth join and a flexible cable.  I have six different fixed circular knitting needles, all size US 5.  All are metal except the Karbonz, although those have a metal tip.  I focused on metal needles because most knitters consider those to be the fastest for lace knitting.  While wood needles can be used for lace they tend to have duller points and are more “grabby,” which decreases speed.

I rated each needle for its tips, joins and cable and noted each needle’s price.  Interestingly, I found the less expensive needles to be my favorites, and not just because of the price.  Prices are stated for the 32-inch circular with size US 5.


I will first introduce the needles in this point and compare them in part two (which will be available next week).

Addi TurboAddiTurbo Rockets (“Addi”)

These needles are made by Skacel and modeled after their popular sock circular needles.  They have a nickel plated finish and hollow brass tips.  They retail for approximately $17. Note: Addi also has a line of Turbo Lace circular needles.  I do have one pair but unfortunately the unplated brass is discolored, which I understand may be due to a reaction from my skin.  I didn’t have that problem with any of the other needles.




Knitters Pride Nova

Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina (“Nova”)

The Nova needles are engineered from hollow brass pipes that are then plated with Chrome.  They retail for approximately $13.50.






Knitters Pride KarbonzKnitter’s Pride Karbonz (“Karbonz”)

The Karbonz needles are unique in that the needle shaft is made from carbon fiber, which is warmer to the touch and lighter.  The tips and joins are made of brass.  The Karbonz needles retail for approximately $15.






Chiaogoo Red Lace (“Chiaogoo”)

As I bias I will admit I’ve used the Chiaogoo needles for several years.  The needles are stainless steel and have a nylon coated steel cable.  It is important to make sure you get the Red needles labeled “Lace” as the regular red needles are nowhere near as sharp. The Chiaogoo needles retail for approximately $10.






Signature Convertible Circulars (“Signature”)

Signature needles are generally considered the “Cadillac” of knitting needles.  The true fixed circulars are no longer sold; they have been replaced with what Signature calls “convertible circulars.” The tips screw into cables that only fit into that size tips.  Tips are available into two different levels of “pointy-ness” – stiletto and middy.  I am comparing the stiletto tips.  The price is approximately $42 and they can only be ordered online.




Hiya HiyaHiyaHiya Sharp (“HiyaHiya”)

HiyaHiya’s sharps are made from stainless steel.  The fixed circular sharps are harder to find in yarn shops, but are available online.  They retail for approximately $8.50.






More next week on the tips, joins and cables!


Review Disclaimer: These items were not provided to me for review – they are ones I purchased independently. Although I accept free products for review, I do not guarantee a positive review and will share my honest opinions.  If you have a product you would like reviewed please contact me at floofymoose [at] gmail [dot] com.   


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