Photo Blog Post: Staycation 2016


Week before last my brother stayed with me in Indianapolis while our parents went on vacation (although we got to spend both weekends together as a family).  My brother and I enjoy our time hanging out together without the ‘rents, especially since he lives six hours away.  If you’re not aware, he is five years younger than me and has special needs, specifically Down Syndrome and Autism.  So here are some photos of our staycation!


Our first outing was to a local SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) event (in garb) with my friend.  We enjoyed watching sword fighting, seeing some baby bunnies and attending court.


Our second outing, a couple days later, was to the Indianapolis Zoo.  My brother loves animals and we visited the elephants multiple times.  I think if I’d had my knitting we could have sat there and just watched the elephants for hours.


We needed some quiet time, and it was crazy hot out, so we had a movie day at home.  We watched several superhero movies, and the next day follow up with watching Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  The nerd runs strong in our family.


The cat decided she loves my brother, mostly because he pets her and lavishes her with attention.

And a final photo from the zoo . . .




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July 26, 2016 · 11:00 am

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