Stitches Midwest 2016 – Everything But the Goodies


I’m coming down off that Stitches high.  This was a different year for me – travel was a little different and I went with family instead of my normal friends.  I want to run through what all happened on my trip, and then next week I’ll post all about the goodies that came home with me.  However, some of those items will be popping up on social media later this week and next.


After work Wednesday I drove from Indianapolis over to Springfield, Illinois, where my aunt lives.  On the way, I listened to podcasts from Prairie Girls Knit and Spin and Unraveling with Grey and Joey.  My aunt and I had dinner at a local lodge-like restaurant and went back home to watch television (and I knitted).


I should also introduce you to Buddy, my aunt’s cat.  He was an outdoor (and technically feral) cat 100% of the time.  In the last several weeks she’s been letting him in the house (only the living area and only when she’s right there with him).  He seems to enjoy being outside and is still young enough he loves to play with toys.



Thursday morning I went to have breakfast and some knitting time with the wonderful Kristi of the In a SKnit podcast.  We talked about Fred the dog, Stitches, baseball, and, of course, knitting.  We also swapped stitch markers and took a picture.


Then I went straight to lunch at an Indian buffet with my uncle and back to my Aunt’s where we hung out for the afternoon, idly packing, playing with the cat, napping and knitting.  Early in the evening we loaded up the car (side note – we had enough wine and snacks to survive for at least four days if stranded), picked up my cousin’s wife and headed to Chicago.  We had a few drinks, some snacks and then off to bed! Usually I stay at the hotel at the convention center, but this time we stayed at another property across the interstate.  Not particularly impressed with the hotel but it was ok for the limited amount of time spent there.



Friday morning we headed over to the convention center at 10am to get into the market.  I shopped with my family for a few hours and then darted off to a market class on knitting with two circulars.  Still struggling a bit with ladders at the ends of the needles, which was why I took the class, but I’m hoping that will improve with practice.


The family headed off to the mall while I had a quick snack and went back to shopping.  All throughout the day I swapped a LOT of stitch markers.  The stitch marker swap is such a great idea because it encourages you to talk to random strangers.  It was great to see some of my favorite vendors, including Ron of Buffalo Wool Company, Lisa of White Birch Fiber Arts, Kate of A Hundred Ravens and Lindsay of Erin Lane Bags.  One of the coolest purchases of the day was the sock bag with a print designed especially for Stitches Midwest.  It had sheep with corn, sheep with deep dish pizza, sheep at the Indy 500, etc.  Had to have one of those (which you can find here).  I also ran into (multiple times) and hung out with one of my local Indy knitting friends and her sister.  Shopping with a friend (or friends) is always great because a)its more fun and b)color/style input is important.  Mostly so you don’t get home and go “what the heck was I thinking?”



In the late afternoon my family picked me up and we went to Ikea (bought two jar candles) and then dinner (RAM Brewery).  The hard cider with dinner was a welcome treat.  We looked up some patterns for my cousin-in-law’s yarn purchase – a 200 gram worsted weight rainbow gradient cake that was beautiful.Since the pajama party wasn’t for several hours we went back to the hotel to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.  That also gave me the chance to do some yarn and pattern research.  Lastly, we went back to the convention center for the Stitches PJ Party.  There I ran into designer Adrienne Ku of Mushroom Knits, which of course caused some squealing.  I actually got a fair amount of knitting done between the “audience participation” lip sync dancing.  Which then my cousin-in-law and I then took part in on stage.  Yes, totally made possible by alcohol.



Saturday was our last day in Chicago so I packed up everything before my aunt took me over to the convention center.  They went to brunch at Wildberry, which I’m bummed I missed! Not that I needed the calories.  Around lunchtime a friend that lives in Chicago came by.  We shopped in the market and caught up.  She bought a wool shrug (which she then put on!), some BarMaids products for her and her sister and then some shoes for her sister.  She also gave me some good color advice.  While she was shoe shopping I ran into Sarah (aka Mrs. Shoo) of the Cultivate and Create podcast. We caught back up with my family and my aunt and cousin-in-law each bought a kit from Universal Yarn for a really pretty stole.  I went back to A Hundred Ravens a final time for a a mini-skein set and some complimentary deep gray yarn, which Kate is going to dye and send to me.


We left mid-afternoon to drive back to Springfield, where we had pizza at my cousin’s house.  My aunt and I went back to her house to watch the Olympics and play with Buddy the cat.  Despite Buddy’s insistence I should be playing I did manage to take pictures of my loot and enter everything into Ravelry.  That felt pretty awesome!


The next morning (or rather, early afternoon) I drove back to Indy, which ended my Stitches adventure.  Until next year. . .



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2 responses to “Stitches Midwest 2016 – Everything But the Goodies

  1. I love A Hundred Ravens! The new Fall Pyrates line looks AWESOME!!!

  2. Well, you are one of our favorites as well! It was great seeing you. 🙂

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