Loft Crafting Space


I’m lucky to have two primary areas of the house in which I knit and spin.  During the summer I go down to the living room on the main floor simply because the upstairs is too hot.  But, my favorite spot is my winter spot upstairs in the loft.  I’m not why I love it so much more – maybe the coziness, maybe the layout and maybe the decor.  Usually I try to wait until the weather is consistently fall-like in October but this year I just couldn’t wait.  So this past Saturday I made the “great” migration.


The first step was to just bring everything upstairs and set it out all over the floor.  Then I organized and put everything away.  Some things have changed since Spring (I’m more into using my planner with pretty stickers) and I wanted some of the random tools/accessories better organized.


All my planner supplies, including unused months, filler paper, stickers, washi tape and pens, fit in this bottom drawer.


This was the drawer that I desperately needed to organize better.  Previously, everything was just tossed in and, given the height of the drawer, it was a disaster.  I discovered that two of the small storage container fit stacked upon each other.  The containers are clear which makes identifying the contents quick and easy.  That said, I might still label them with washi tape for color!


This corner contains my swift, ball winder and skein winder and on the wall above hangs project bags. I binge-watch Netflix while knitting so the TV and I are great friends.


My e-spinner and spinning accessories live on the bookshelves, along with my camera, magazines and books.  Also new this fall is a green basket for my adult coloring books and creative notebooks.  I recently started reading Let the Elephants Run, The Creativity Challenge and The Productivity Project.  I like being able to just pull out the bin and do something out of my norm.


Lastly, my comfy cozy recliner.  It’s mate bit the dust last year (RIP) and this one is probably 10-12 years old.  There will be tears when this one goes kaput.  The double decker end table was bought for $1 at an estate sale.  Great use of space and its a perfect surface for my e-spinner.  The colorful cubes on the back wall contain yarn.  And more yarn.  And a bit more yarn.

Thank you for joining me on a quick tour of my loft!



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