Fibery Fun in Chicago


I feel like I haven’t posted in forever.  This past weekend was my first weekend at home without any major commitments since the middle of September so I’m finally starting to catch up.  Most notable of the last few weeks was a quick girl’s weekend in Chicago visiting a friend.  It was a great, and crafty, weekend.  I’ll include my yarn purchases soon (waiting so I don’t inadvertently disclose a friend’s birthday present).

Now anytime I’m traveling and know I’ll have some shopping time I always look up the closest yarn shop(s) to where I’m staying. I found two fairly close to my friend’s place in Chicago.  Saturday morning we went to the first one, Knit 1.  I loved the clean, sleek lines and the variety of yarn they carried.


Also at the yarn shop I found a pattern that looks fun to knit.  This is how I take note of patterns I’m interested in prior to saving them to my favorites in Ravelry.  Just a quick snap  of the tag with the pattern name!

Next we ventured out to Ikea, because every crafter needs Ikea.  Important to crafters were two things.  One, a Raskog Cart.  This cart is reasonably priced, very sturdy and is great for keeping your knitting, spinning, or other craft supplies nearby.  Second, is the Fintrop system.  Long story short, this is a metal bar on which you hang metal baskets.  It’s actually designed for the kitchen but I’m repurposing it for above my desk in the fiber studio.  Putting straight knitting needles in it would look equally smashing.


On the way home, we stopped at the second yarn shop, Nina.  This was a narrow but very deep yarn shop located in the city’s Wicker Park neighborhood.  This shop was equally well organized but a more eclectic variety of yarns.  I found a couple goodies and noticed some stitch markers from a local to me glass artist, Ann Tudor.


After relaxing a bit, we went back out for dinner to a new for me taste – Ethiopian.  Simply amazing and now I’m hooked. It was so flavorful and yummy – if you’ve never had it, and you like ethnic foods, you should try.  The food is served atop a spongey bread called Injera, which is used to pick up and eat the food.


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