Knit a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Ready for something different? Since I don’t fix turkey for thanksgiving, I’m about knitting one.  I wanted to share my four favorite found patterns from Ravelry.  Disclaimer: I haven’t knit any of these (yet) so all photo credits go to the original designers.

Turkey Toy by Rainebo A new pattern from Lorraine Pistoria that is so cute.  He is knit in the round and uses approximately 330 yards of worsted weight yarn.  Pattern is $4 US through Craftsy (link to the Craftsy page is on the Ravelry page).  If the pattern doesn’t specify to I would likely add a little bit of weight (rice, etc.) in the bottom so he keeps his balance when sitting.


Tiny Turkey by Susan B. Anderson. A free pattern available on Ravlery that has been knit nearly 200 times.  He is also knit in the round using worsted weight yarn. It doesn’t appear the pattern states how much is yardage is used in total.  Susan B. Anderson is known for her exception toy patterns and this is no different.


Turkey Feather Hat by Abigail Polzin. Adorable!! This is a basic baby hat that the waddle, feathers and beak are then stitched onto.  The pattern is free but may require knowledge of of a separate baby hat pattern. It uses up to 150 yards of worsted weight yarn.

Happy Turkey Day Dishcloth by One Crafty Mama.  If you want something more practical, here’s a cute dishcloth.  The pattern is free and uses cotton worsted weight yarn.  A link to the pattern is available from Ravelry to the One Craft Mama blog.


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