2017 Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

As we’re now upon the winter holidays, gifting buying season is ramping up.  As I knitter I feel like I’m pretty easy to buy for.  But, I realize that maybe you’d like a handy-dandy gift list to provide your family or significant other.  Or perhaps, you’d simply like some non-yarn gift ideas.  Well, here you go! These five products are all from indie makers and products I have used.  All photos property of the respective maker.

Stitch Markers – Ann Tudor LLC

So many beautiful options! Ann makes stitch markers from glass.  She’s most known for her sheep stitch markers, but she all options food items, other critters and some seasonal sets.  She has a collectors club where you can get exclusive new stitch markers.

On my wishlist: Zoo Animal Set

Project Bags and Needle Organizers – Erin Lane Bags

If you need need to organize your projects, needles and notions, this is the place to go.  Owner Lindsey has a fun selection of fabrics (check out the themed sheeple) and her knitpacks can organize any and all needles you have.  The double duty knit pack holds two sets of interchangeable needles.

On my wishlist: A Zippity View Da bag but I’m waiting for it in Dr. Who Sheeple!Shawl Pins – Crafty Flutterby Creations

I knit a lot of shawls.  So I then need shawl pins.  Michelle makes beautiful shawl pins and has many that are tv-show themed.  My favorite one I currently own has a blue Tardis.  She also has some Outlander and Game of Thrones pins, as well as pins with a birthstone in the center.

On my wishlist: Silver Dragon Shawl Pin


Lotion – Happy Hands Hand Cream

I’ve talked before about this lotion – it dries quickly and isn’t greasy.  She has a wide variety of scents and doesn’t use any dyes in her lotions (which my hands appreciate).  My favorite scents are Mandarin Clove and Sweet Dreams.

On my wishlist: A bottle of mulled cranberry


Ceramic Mug – Pawley Studios

I came across Pawley Studios at Stitches Midwest one year.  And then I found some of the mugs at a local yarn shop.  Many of the mugs have knit-themed quotes, but there are also mugs that reference Dr. Who and Star Trek.

On my wishlist: Ceramic Mug in Earth Tone Phrase with a Tardis in the front and a blue glaze


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