Finished Object – Themisto Hat


I wish I could say this was a quick knit.  Not sure if it was the cables, the length (slouchy rather than true beanie) or being distracted by finishing my cape that slowed me down but it took about a month to actually get this finished.  I had finished a hat for someone else, and then lost my favorite gray and red thick hat, so I was in hat mode.  It won’t replace the one I lost (it was so thick and squishy) but I love the cables on this hat.

Moving on.  My Rav project page is here.


Pattern – Themisto (Ravelry pattern here) from Tori Gurbisz.  This is a slouchy style hat worked in two colors by alternating row colors and working a cable panels in one of the colors (and slipping those stitches on the other color row).   Two contrasting colors would work best.  I liked that the pattern included charts and written out instructions – and the body pattern was very easy to memorize.  You will need TWO cable needles for this pattern.  Pattern is $5.00 on Ravelry.


Yarn –  I used Leading Men Fiber Arts Box Office (Rav link) (Leading Men Fiber Arts website) in the colorways Poison Apple (red) and Darkest Hour (black). Box Office is a worsted weight 100% super merino plied yarn that is an almost solid kettle dyed.  I actually love that is ISN’T solid because it gives each color some depth.  The colors are very saturated and I did not encounter any problems with the yarn (knots, thin spots, etc.).  I will definitely use this yarn again.


Pattern Mods and Notes

1. Circumference – the pattern indicates a large will fit a 22 inch head.  See notes below regarding the fabric look but this hat is a bit snug on me.  I wish there had been one size larger since most men’s heads are even bigger than mine.  I didn’t figure I could go in and create a larger size without loosing the nice decreases at the top.

2. I used 55 yards of the black and 87 yards of the red, which means I could get a second hat out of the two total skeins (one of each color) I bought.  I wouldn’t even have to invert the colors.

3. Pattern calls for US 6 and US 8 needles.  I could (kinda) get gauge with US 6 and US 7 but the fabric was nowhere near dense enough.  I used US 5 for the whole hat.

4. I added some length.  The pattern says to knit until you have 5 repeats of the body pattern but had I done so the hat would have been a beanie, not a slouchy.  So I added an extra two repeats of the body pattern.



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