2018 Upcoming Classes – The Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana

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Its that time of year again!  Registration is open for The Fiber Event and I will be teaching one brand new class and two of my previously most attended classes.  I’m so excited for this opportunity.  I will also be at the Fiber and Friends event Friday evening for some quality knitting time.

The Fiber Event is April 13 and 14 in Greencastle, Indiana, which is about an hour west of Indianapolis.  A ton of vendors and a lot of great classes.  Registration fee is $45 for each three-hour class and now you can sign up on their website here.  You will see that there are a fixed number of spots available for each class so sign up now if you’re interested!

The Fiber Event Schedule

[please note with the exception of the continental class I will be teaching DIFFERENT classes at Hoosier Hills this year]

Friday, April 13, 1:00pm-4:00pm – Master Continental Knitting

Saturday, April 14, 9:00am-12:00pm – Lace Knitting 101

Saturday, April 14, 1:00pm-4:00pm – Bead Knitting Rockstar

If you can’t make it to the class or would like a specialized focus please see my page here for private lessons.



Master Continental Knitting


Are you ready to learn a different style of knitting that will let you knit faster and decrease the strain on your hands? Continental knitting results in smaller, quicker movements and makes it a snap to work colorwork, ribbing and more. We’ll learn the knit and purl stitches continental-style and explore different ways to tension our yarn for evenly knitted fabrics. Then we’ll practice our continental knitting with stranded color knitting and more complex stitches such as increases and decreases.

Bring to class: Samples of fingering or sock weight yarn for swatching, 32 inch circular needle in a size US 5, and skein of fingering or sock weight yarn with at least 400 yards for a cowl

Materials fee of $4 (payable directly to me) covers the cowl pattern: Cinque Terre Cowl


Lace Knitting 101

UntitledLearn to knit lace like a pro! This class will cover yarn and needle selection, basic increases and decreases, chart reading, shawl construction and lifelines. After practicing with small swatches we’ll start a lace shawl you can continue knitting on at home. Learn tips and tricks that will take lace from scary to addictive.

Bring to class: 32 inch circular needle in a size US 6., at least 400 yards of fingering or sock weight yarn for shawl, extra samples of fingering or sock weight yarn for swatching (I will have some but you are welcome to bring your own).

Materials fee of $10 covers shawl pattern, highlighter tape, stitch markers and handouts.


Bead Knitting Rockstar

UntitledLearn to add beads to your knitwear for texture and bling. You can choose small subtle beads for a shimmer or contrasting beads for a pop of color. This class will cover how to choose the right beads, two methods for adding beads to your knits (pre-stringing or as you go) and how to place beads for a desired effect.

Bring to class: Fingering or sock weight yarn(you are welcome to bring multiple samples), 16 or 24 inch circular needle in a size appropriate for your yarn.

Materials fee of $10 covers beads, crochet hook, big-eye beading needle and handouts.



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Finished Object – Themisto Hat


I wish I could say this was a quick knit.  Not sure if it was the cables, the length (slouchy rather than true beanie) or being distracted by finishing my cape that slowed me down but it took about a month to actually get this finished.  I had finished a hat for someone else, and then lost my favorite gray and red thick hat, so I was in hat mode.  It won’t replace the one I lost (it was so thick and squishy) but I love the cables on this hat.

Moving on.  My Rav project page is here.


Pattern – Themisto (Ravelry pattern here) from Tori Gurbisz.  This is a slouchy style hat worked in two colors by alternating row colors and working a cable panels in one of the colors (and slipping those stitches on the other color row).   Two contrasting colors would work best.  I liked that the pattern included charts and written out instructions – and the body pattern was very easy to memorize.  You will need TWO cable needles for this pattern.  Pattern is $5.00 on Ravelry.


Yarn –  I used Leading Men Fiber Arts Box Office (Rav link) (Leading Men Fiber Arts website) in the colorways Poison Apple (red) and Darkest Hour (black). Box Office is a worsted weight 100% super merino plied yarn that is an almost solid kettle dyed.  I actually love that is ISN’T solid because it gives each color some depth.  The colors are very saturated and I did not encounter any problems with the yarn (knots, thin spots, etc.).  I will definitely use this yarn again.


Pattern Mods and Notes

1. Circumference – the pattern indicates a large will fit a 22 inch head.  See notes below regarding the fabric look but this hat is a bit snug on me.  I wish there had been one size larger since most men’s heads are even bigger than mine.  I didn’t figure I could go in and create a larger size without loosing the nice decreases at the top.

2. I used 55 yards of the black and 87 yards of the red, which means I could get a second hat out of the two total skeins (one of each color) I bought.  I wouldn’t even have to invert the colors.

3. Pattern calls for US 6 and US 8 needles.  I could (kinda) get gauge with US 6 and US 7 but the fabric was nowhere near dense enough.  I used US 5 for the whole hat.

4. I added some length.  The pattern says to knit until you have 5 repeats of the body pattern but had I done so the hat would have been a beanie, not a slouchy.  So I added an extra two repeats of the body pattern.


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On The Needles – February 2018


What’s on my needles right now!

With a couple things done, some more have been added.

  • Themisto Hat – I’m about 1/3 to 1/2 done with the already and that include a near start-over due to skipping a pair of rows (I wondered by the first cable was so short.  I lost my favorite favorite red and gray thick hat and am hoping this one will kinda replace the lost one (although it’s not going to be nearly as thick).  The pattern is Themisto by Tori Gurbisz and costs $5 on Ravelry.  The pattern uses two colors of yarn, both worsted weight.  I’ve used Leading Men Fiber Arts Box Office (100% merino) in the colorways Poison Apple and Darkest Hour.


  • The Yet Un-Named Cowl – I’ve just started this cowl and it will be a new cowl designed by me. It will incorporate lace and a “faux” cable.  Stay tuned for more details!


  • Wicked Mormorio – One of my social-knitting (aka don’t have to pay attention to) projects.  I’ve gotten a bit bored with it lately so haven’t worked on it in a couple months Pattern is Mormorio by Heather Zoppetti and costs $6 on Ravelry.  The pattern uses two colors of yarn, both fingering weight.  The first I’ve used is Another Crafty Girl‘s Strong Sock in the colorway Numerical Vampire and the second I’ve used is Dyeabolical Yarns Tenacious Sock int the colorway Ever After.


  • Golden Rapunzel – This is very much NOT brain-dead knitting.  Lace (both right and wrong side) with beads.  The other fun part of this pattern is its knit bottom up (so from the large edge of the shawl up to the neck).  Pattern is Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair by Lily Go and costs $5 on Ravelry.  Heads up – it is not a beginner friendly pattern.  Yarn is Iachos from A Hundred Ravens in the colorway Apollo.



  • Starry Whovian Socks – I am still loving knitting on this tiny circular needle.  I’ve made just a bit of progress since the last time I posted, mostly because I don’t work on it very often.  It’s become my current “brainless knitting” project that I can do anywhere, anytime.  These are plain socks with ribbing across the top, knit toe-up with an after-thought heel.  I’m using Quaere Fibre Sparkle Sock in the colorway Dr. Who Vincent and the Doctor.





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Finished Object – Black Alpaca Cape


You would think a cape knit from chunky yarn would be a relatively quick knit.  And yet somehow this took me a year.  To be fair – I did stop working on it when it got warmer.  Then I picked it back up this fall with the goal of finishing it by Christmas.  I was close with that goal.  I bought this yarn for myself as a Christmas present last year with the goal of having a warm heavy cape, especially for work.

Moving on.  My Rav project page is here.


Pattern – I didn’t use a pattern for this cape – basically I just “winged” it.  I didn’t take very good notes either.  In general, I knit this as a top down raglan but without any sleeves.  It comes down to just past my elbows.  Somewhere past the shoulders I quit doing the raglan increases.  Around the cast on edge (I cast on 50 stitches) and the bottom I did a seed stitch border (6 rows).  After binding off I picked up stitches on each edge for the button band and knit about 10 rows (maybe a few more) of seed stitch.  My pick-up ratio was 3 stitches for every 4 stitches on the edge.   There are more detailed notes on the Ravelry page.

Yarn –  I used Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky (Rav link) in black.  Baby Alpaca Chunky is a bulky weight 100% alpaca merino plied yarn that is solid.  It’s wonderfully squishy and soft, and does knit up fast.  I used 538 yards of yarn.



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2018 Goals

Yarn Crawl Shop - Sheep Street

I usually tend to spend time between Christmas and New Years thinking about goals.  I was really glad when my friend contacted me to setup a video chat to discuss our fibery goals for 2018.  I’m glad I dialed back last year to focus on learning and quality, rather than sheer quantity.  That said, I feel like I could have been more productive in 2017.  So this year I want to be more productive without going overboard.  My friend had the best idea – her word for 2018 is FOCUS and I couldn’t agree more.  I want to be focused with my time and focused with what I work on.


Review of last year:

  1. Write and submit one article – Nope, will try again this year
  2. Develop and teach two new classes – Beat this with three new classes
  3. Design and publish two new patterns – Met this with my cowl for Malabrigo and my Cathay Williams Shawl
  4. Learn how to knit entrelac – Nope
  5. Learn how to knit brioche – I not only learned but completed a brioche cowl
  6. Learn to spin with beads – Nope, will try again this year
  7. Spin a consistent worsted weight yarn – Nope.  I really haven’t been interested or motivated in spinning a thicker yarn.


About setting goals:

I posted year before last about setting SMART goals, particularly as they rely to fiber artists.  That post is here.  SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time relevant. While I think its a valid method, its not what I used this year.

2018 goals:

FloofyMoose Fibers

  1. Write and submit one article
  2. Develop and teach two new classes
  3. Design and publish three new patterns


  1. Learn and complete one project using Portuguese Knitting
  2. Complete 57 blanket squares for a total of 100 (approximately one per week)
  3. Finish a pair of socks


  1. Spin 4 ounces of yarn every other month
  2. Finish two in-process spinning projects
  3. Complete a 1-2 ounce spinning project with beads.

2014-02-14 022

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Holiday Goodies 2017

Welcome to 2018! Before jumping in my 2018 fiber arts goals I want to recap the holiday, and some new goodies!

UntitledI did very little holiday gift knitting (just the pompom wreath from last week) but I did a lot of sewing for gifts.  This included the knitting project bag, toy bag, Star Trek curtain, and Star Trek pillowcase noted in a December blog post. I spent Christmas with my family, first in Illinois and then in Missouri, and then spent the following week with my brother at my house.  We watched a lot of Star Trek (I know, shocker) and Disney movies.

On to the goodies (related websites are linked – check them out!):

UntitledI actually bought these for myself – I could not pass up the colorway name. The yarn is from Fresh From the Cauldron on her Schoodic Sock base and the colorway name is “You Have Dyed of Dysentery.” Yes, Oregon Trail game reference there.

UntitledA zoo animal set of stitch markers by local glass artist Ann Tudor.  She has a ton of different stitch markers, which you can see here.

UntitledSome bags, including holiday Larry from Erin Lane Bags.

UntitledI received these beauties from my parents.  Two skeins so I can make a shawl.  The yarn is from Destination Yarns on her Postcard base in the Dragonstone colorway (Game of Thrones reference there).UntitledThis knitting flask is from my aunt (who knows me too well).  Since I’ve been asked several times – she found it on Amazon by searching “knitting” + “flask.”

UntitledLastly, I got two knitting t-shirts from my parents because I asked for “witty knitting t-shirts.”  Success!


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DIY Pompom Christmas Wreath

I made a quick (and silly) Christmas gift for someone who likes pompoms.Untitled


Different colors of worsted weight yarn – I used acrylic yarn from a big box store to get the color palette I wanted.  I could not find any gold yarn so I bought some golden yarn and held it double with some gold crochet thread.

Metal wreath frame – I used a tiny six inch wreath frame at JoAnn’s.  This comes in multiple sizes and looks like the following:

Pompom maker – You can, of course, get by without this but I think it makes it much faster.  I have two different types of pompom makers – the ones from Boye and the ones from Clover.  The ones from Boye do not make well-rounded pompoms.  I plan to do a comparison review of these two brands in the future.


I first made all the pompoms (30 in total).  Mine were about 40% red, 40% green and 20% yellow.  I did make mine all the same size so they would squish together better on the wreath.  Also, I left long tails on each pompom.  I then used those tails to tie all the pompoms to the inside two rings of the wreath.  I didn’t use the outside edges of the wreath because doing so caused the pompom to spin around to the bottom of the wreath.  After securing all the pompoms to the wreath (and squishing them very close to each other) I trimmed the tails close to the knots.  Tada! Finished pompom wreath!

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Holiday Sewing 2017

I’ve done a lot of sewing in the last few weeks. Some were gifts for others, some were holiday themed bags for me.  Most of the bags are a wedge style and I’ve provided some links at the bottom of this post to tutorials for similar bags.


The first is a Star Trek pillowcase for my brother.  He loves Star Trek (as do I) and I thought this would be something fun for him.



I also found a beautiful stained glass type Beauty and the Beast fabric.  So many of the Disney fabrics are pink, pastels and downright girly.  So I was excited to find this print at Joanns.  I made two bags.  The first didn’t have the exact placement I wanted in terms of the castle and Belle and the Beast so I made a second bag.  The first bag has a good home – a colleague’s young daughter.



And some more bags. . .









This bag is different from the others in that instead of having a zipper closure at the top, it has snaps for the closure.  I made this bag for me to see what I think of this closure in terms of usability and convenience.  If I like it, I will make more bags in this way.

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December 2017 Odds n’ Ends

Welcome to December! This is my favorite time of the year – as in, I had the house decorated for Christmas by Black Friday.  Here’s some odds’n’ends since September.


Montrose Farms I had a fun time spinning at National Alpaca Day at Montrose Farms.  My friend Heather came with and we demonstrated spinning.  I about have all my blue singles finished.  I’m planning to ply it (two-ply) and then knit a shawl with it and a gray.


Ann Tudor

Ann Tudor Stitch Markers As a charter member in the Collectors Club I get first access to that month’s set.  Above are the September and November sets and I love love love both.  Ann is so creative and her work is beautiful.  Her website is here.



Needle Case Labels I’ve been collecting a few needle organizers from Erin Lane Bags for the purpose of organizing all of my fixed circular needles.  I also wanted to label each pocket so I’d know where needles went, and be able to find them without a needle sizer.  So I bought some Avery iron transfer paper on Amazon and made sheets of labels.  Then I cut out the labels  and ironed them on.  I’m very happy with how they turned out and will definitely make more if needed.



Jessica Knits In early November I had a work conference in Scottsdale, Arizona and due to flights, I got in many hours before the conference started.  I found online a local yarn shop not too far away from my hotel and headed over there early Sunday afternoon.  The local yarn shop is called Jessica Knits and I loved it! They had a good selection of different yarns, including some local yarns.  The burgundy and gray skeins above are from Gherkin’s Bucket, a local indie-dyer.  So, I was excited to buy some “vacation” yarn.  The dark purple is some Malabrigo Rio to go with orange in a hat.  I also hung out for a bit to knit with their Sunday afternoon knitting group.  What a wonderful group of ladies! They were so welcoming and kind to a stranger.



Sewing Next week I’ll go into detail about my numerous sewing projects.  There are a lot of them!



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2017 Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

As we’re now upon the winter holidays, gifting buying season is ramping up.  As I knitter I feel like I’m pretty easy to buy for.  But, I realize that maybe you’d like a handy-dandy gift list to provide your family or significant other.  Or perhaps, you’d simply like some non-yarn gift ideas.  Well, here you go! These five products are all from indie makers and products I have used.  All photos property of the respective maker.

Stitch Markers – Ann Tudor LLC

So many beautiful options! Ann makes stitch markers from glass.  She’s most known for her sheep stitch markers, but she all options food items, other critters and some seasonal sets.  She has a collectors club where you can get exclusive new stitch markers.

On my wishlist: Zoo Animal Set

Project Bags and Needle Organizers – Erin Lane Bags

If you need need to organize your projects, needles and notions, this is the place to go.  Owner Lindsey has a fun selection of fabrics (check out the themed sheeple) and her knitpacks can organize any and all needles you have.  The double duty knit pack holds two sets of interchangeable needles.

On my wishlist: A Zippity View Da bag but I’m waiting for it in Dr. Who Sheeple!Shawl Pins – Crafty Flutterby Creations

I knit a lot of shawls.  So I then need shawl pins.  Michelle makes beautiful shawl pins and has many that are tv-show themed.  My favorite one I currently own has a blue Tardis.  She also has some Outlander and Game of Thrones pins, as well as pins with a birthstone in the center.

On my wishlist: Silver Dragon Shawl Pin


Lotion – Happy Hands Hand Cream

I’ve talked before about this lotion – it dries quickly and isn’t greasy.  She has a wide variety of scents and doesn’t use any dyes in her lotions (which my hands appreciate).  My favorite scents are Mandarin Clove and Sweet Dreams.

On my wishlist: A bottle of mulled cranberry


Ceramic Mug – Pawley Studios

I came across Pawley Studios at Stitches Midwest one year.  And then I found some of the mugs at a local yarn shop.  Many of the mugs have knit-themed quotes, but there are also mugs that reference Dr. Who and Star Trek.

On my wishlist: Ceramic Mug in Earth Tone Phrase with a Tardis in the front and a blue glaze

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