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Work in Progress – Sock Yarn Blanket


I think I’ve lost what few marbles I have – I’m knitting a blanket.  Since this is a perpetual project, and I’ve had some questions on Instagram, I wanted to write about it now, rather than waiting until the end.  It’s a mitered square blanket with black borders for a stained glass effect.  I’ve completed 19 squares so far.  My calculations indicate I will need about 300 squares to make a throw sized blanket.

Moving on.  My Rav project page is here.


Pattern – I actually am using a recipe from PrairieGirlDanie (of the Prairie Girls podcast).  The closest Ravelry pattern is the Sock Yarn Blanket from Shelly Kang (which is free on Ravelry).  I am knitting mine in individual pieces and will seam them together when I am done (for portability purposes).  My recipe is as follows and I’m doing all the same sized squares:

  1. Cast on 44 stitches in black
  2. Knit 22, make 1 (and knit through the back loop of the made stitch), knit 22
  3. Knit 21, slip 2 stitches knitwise, knit 1, pass slipped stitches over, knit 21
  4. Knit the return row
  5. Repeat rows 3 and 4 in black
  6. Switch to color and knit rows 3 and 4 until one stitch remains.

Yarn –  All yarn used is fingering weight (generally sock yarn) and most if merino or some blend thereof.  Each square takes about 3.5 grams of the colored yarn.  For the small black border I’m using Knit Picks Stroll.  So far my scraps have included yarn from Zen Garden, Fibernymph, Wandering Wool, Happy Go Lucky and Dream in Color.  The picture below is of my next several scraps.  I plan to make up several samples to swap if anyone is interested in swapping.



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