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Playing with the Drum Carder Pt 1


For a bit of a break from knitting and sweater stress (one sleeve and a bit to go) let’s talk about fiber prepping. Specifically, experimenting with a drum carder.  Part 1 will be about some BFL lamb locks and Part 2 about some silk noil, BFL, faux cashmere and sparkle.

My friend Patty has a sweet drum carder. It’s a Fancy Kitty with a fine or extra fine cloth, I think. At any rate, she was kind enough to let me borrow it for some experimenting.  Previously I’ve used a drum carder to mix colors of but never to mix fibers.

I had a couple PhatFiber samples just begging to be carded. The first are some hand dyed BFL lamb locks from Fiber Fancy (who unfortunately closed down about 9 months ago). Here they are before their trip through the carder.  I did pull and tease them apart a bit first.

water molecule fiber

Some of the locks immediately wrapped around the licker in (that’s the little drum).  Also, despite the small sample I had I let the fibers cover the entire width of the larger drum. This made the carded fiber very thin and hard to remove from the drum. Would have been smarter if I had fed it onto only half the drum.

Once I finally got the fiber off the drum, I ran it through one more time. The end result was a fluffy, semi-textured batt.  I was happy with how the colors blended in the end.

water molecule batt

Have you ever tried drum carding? What would you card if you had a carder?


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