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Knitting Pipeline Retreat 2017 – The Goodies


As I promised last week, here are the goodies from the Knitting Pipeline retreat! I have included  links to the vendors (ok, I’m enabling you) so you can check them out. Now to try to go through these in a semi organized fashion.


Oh, bags.  People keep telling me I have a bag problem.  I can’t help it!

Upper left – teal and white circles – I bought the bag at a LYS booth (it was a retreat sponsor) but the bag was actually made by Trappings and Trinkets (available on Etsy). I actually squeeled when I unzipped the bag because the interior fabric was so cute (teal, pink and white kitties).  If you want a peak, take a look at my instagram feed!

Upper right – arctic animals on a gray background – this bag is from Fat Squirrel Fibers.  She actually made a bag specifically for the retreat but I loved the animals on this one even more (see the little narwhal?).  The bags are nicely made and she picks out fabrics that are fun but not necessarily loud and crazy.

Lower right – these two little notion pouches are from RainStorm Studios.  I toss them in my project bags that don’t have pockets.  I really like the one on the right because it has a circle base but opens up wide enough you can include a pair of small scissors in there.  Very functional for me.

Lower left – this is the gauge ruler from Ann Budd knits. KnitCircus carries them and they’re all of $5. You line up the stitch symbols on the ruler with your stitches such that the with of your stitches matches the symbols.  Whichever set of symbols it lines up with tells you your gauge (not the most elegant description).


Oh, the yarn! If you saw my post about found patterns you know I went into the vendor market with some projects in mind.  So I can happily say I did buy most yarn with a project in mind.

Upper left green and purple skeins – The slightly variegated green skein is Strong Stock (80/20 merino/nylon) from Another Crafty Girl in the colorway Numerical Vampire.  The purple next to it is Tenacious Sock (75/15/10 merino/nylon/tencel) from Dyeabolical Yarns in the colorway Ever After. I plan to use these in a two-color shawl together.

Upper center gold and black skeins – Both of these are from Sun Valley Fibers in the merino/cashmere/nylon fingering base.  The two colors are called Golden Harvest and Onyx.  I also plan to use these in a two-color shawl (see a trend yet?).

Upper center gray variegated skeins – These are from Yarn Geek Fibers in her Rocketeer (merino/cashmere/nylon) base in the To Boldly Go colorway.  Yes, a Star Trek reference.  This yarn is super soft and squishy.  So squishy I can’t describe. This doesn’t have a project planned for it – maybe a cowl? a shawl? There’s a lot of yardage (962 yards of fingering) so maybe a shawl? Still can’t decide.

Top right dark green skeins – These are included in our Knitting Pipeline bag from Quince and Co.  100 grams (total) of fingering weight wool.  I think these are going to be boot toppers.

Lower left red and black skeins – Both of these are from Leading Men Fiber Arts in the Box Office base (100% worsted weight merino).  The colors are called Poison Apple and Darkest Hour.  These are going to be a Themisto Hat and there might be enough left over for wristers or boot toppers.

Bottom left green skein – Also from Leading Men Fiber Arts – this is the Diva base, 150 grams of 80/20 merino/silk.  The colorway is Envy.  Definitely going to be a lace shawl.  I love the extra yardage – its great for shawls!

Lower right – black and blue skeins – All three of these are Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet (90/10 merino/nylon), which is squishy soft.  One of the blacks and the blue are going together for something brioche.  I got the second black to have as an extra because I frequently pair colorful yarns with black.

That’s a wrap!






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Finished Object – Gridelin Shawl


Gift knitting.  Of course, now I want one for me too.  I’ve actually had this done for about a week but wanted to wait until I gave it to the recipient to post (although I don’t think she reads my blog).  Her birthday was an extra special occasion this year for two reasons – one, it was a milestone birthday, two, I actually got to see her on her birthday!  She’s one of the most knit-worthy people I know which means I enjoy knitting for her.  I gave it to her last night and I think she liked it.  Enough about the backstory and onto the good details! I won’t be going into great detail about the pattern as I plan to write a review next week about the book the pattern was in.


My Rav project page is here.


Pattern – Gridelin (Ravelry pattern here) from the Curls book by Hunter Hammersen.  Curls are unusual shaped shawls that I can best describe as half a crescent shawl.  It’s an eight row repeat that uses increases more similar to a triangular shawl.  Like I mentioned, I’ll discuss the book and yarn usage next week in my review.


Yarn –  Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere.  Smooshy with Cashmere is a fingering weight blend of 70% merino, 20% cashmere  and 10% nylon. One skein is 4 ounces and 400 yards.  Super squishy  and soft but not very tightly plied.  The colorway for this is Amber Glass, a rich gold color.  I held the yarn double (so it was about DK weight)  and used 784 yards.  I’ve used this yarn before and would use it again just because it is so soft. I was worried that by holding the yarn double I would have issues with splitty-ness but it was fine.



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Stitches Midwest 2015 Part 3 – Yarn Goodies

YarnThe post you’ve probably been looking for since last week is here.  Or you’re so bored at this point you’ve nodded off and are busy snoring at your screen.  Either way, just don’t drool on your knitting.

Hundred Ravens CollageFrom A Hundred Ravens (Owner Kate is amazingly friendly and cheerful, they also have a cool yarn club)

  • (left) Iachos, a 100% superwash merino, in colorway Rivendell (a soft olive green and grey)
  • (center) Iachos in colorway Hecate (light to dark purple and grey/black)
  • (right) Iachos mini skeins in colorway Into the Darkness (catch the Star Trek reference?) which is a light to dark teal


Grinning Gargoyle CollageFrom Grinning Gargoyle

  • (left) Lux Lace (laceweight alpaca/cashmere/silk) in the colorway Shiny Penny
  • (center) Primo (DK weight merino/cashmere/nylon) in the colorway Signature Red
  • (right) Shimmer (fingering weight merino/nylon/metallic) in the colorway Black Spruce


Buffalo and Wandering CollageThree More

  • (left) From Wandering Wool: Udaipur (50/50 merino/silk in a fingering weight) in Emerald Isle
  • (center) From Buffalo Wool Company: Buffalo Skies DK (50/50 merino/bison in DK weight) in Indian Paintbrush.  I actually sort of won this yarn from a grab bag.
  • (right) From Buffalo Wool Company: Sexy (50/50 bison/silk in lace weight) in Night Shade.


Remaining CollageAnd the Final Four

  • (left) Valley Yarns Sunderland (DK weight 100% alpaca) in colorways Charcoal Gray and Brilliant Blue
  • (center) Lost City Knits Oak Barn Merino (laceweight 100% merino) in colorway Spring Valley VFD
  • (right) White Birch Fiber Arts long sock gradient (80/20 merino/nylon gradient) in colorway Shake Your Tailfeathers

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Finished Object – Midsommer Beaded Shawl

dI bought this yarn almost three years ago to the day.  I remember exactly where I bought it and chose beads for it that same day.  We (Patty and I) were at Stitches Midwest, my first time.  We both fell in love with the bright blue and then headed over to Twisted Sistah to buy matching beads.  Matching might be a misnomer.  I picked a bright aqua that would pop and she chose darker, I think, iridescent beads.  When we got back we set out to find a pattern that used two skeins of fingering and beads.  That was three years ago.  Early this summer Patty suggested we get our shawls knit up before Stitches this year.  Yes!! I love knitting lace with beads!! I finished almost exactly one week ahead of our trip to Chicago for Stitches Midwest.  Patty has been on a spinning kick lately and is now planning to rip out to start with larger needles.  I should (nicely) pester her. a

Moving on.  My Rav project page is here.

cNotes – I knit from the charts but some of the notes from other knitters indicate there may be errors in the written instructions.  As I mentioned the pattern called for 600 yards of lace as written on US 5 needles.  For fingering weight it would be common to go up a couple needle sizes, but, since I’m a loose knitter, I stuck with the US 5s.  Also, I knit most of my fingering weight lace shawls on 5s.  Anyways, I used 600 yards of fingering but that included an extra repeat of Chart B.  That’s an extra 24 rows.  I don’t possibly see how you would use near 600 yards of lace if you knit the pattern without the extra repeat.  Or get it to the size shown in the pattern photos.  I also blocked this aggressively.  I’m happy with the finished size but definitely wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t knit the extra repeat.  If I had more beads I would have done a second extra repeat. e

Pattern – Midsommer (Ravelry pattern here) from Sivia Harding. This is a crescent shawl with a center panel and identical side panels, starting at the center of the straight edge.  Instructions are charted and written out.  The pattern is designed to use about 600 yards of lace weight yarn.  Pattern is $7.50 on Ravelry.

fYarn –  Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering.  Primo Fingering is a fingering weight blend of 75% merino, 20% cashmere  and 5% nylon. One skein is 3.56 ounces and 390 yards.  Super squishy  but still tightly plied.  The colorway for this is Fat Fish Blue, a vibrant but dark cerulean blue.  I used 616 yards with the aforementioned modifications.  Note that this yarn/colorway bled when I washed it.  Below is a picture of the first wash in warm water.  A second wash with a glug of vinegar seemed to minimize the bleeding. Untitled


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Finished Object – Watering in the Garden Shawl


I’m in love with gradients.  I’ve been alternating this with the Spectra since the end of October.  I love knitting it and still can’t decide if it was the gradient yarn or the lace pattern that kept me enthralled.

Moving on.  My Rav project page is here.

Pattern – Watering in the Garden Shawlette (Ravelry pattern here) from Giddy Davies. This is a half circle shawl with five lace sections, starting at the center of the straight edge.  Instructions are charted and written out.  The pattern is designed to use about 350 yards of fingering weight yarn but you can extend this by adding repeats of the last chart.  Pattern is about $5.60 on Ravelry, depending on the UK exchange rate.


Yarn –  Fiber Optics Yarns Foot Notes Paintbox Gradient.  Foot Notes is a fingering weight blend of 80% merino  and 20% nylon. One paintbox is 4.25 ounces and 450 yards.  It is actually made up of 15 mini skeins of 30 yards each in a very gradual color shift from red to black.  The colorway for this is Onxy to Crimson.  I used 437 yards with the modifications (essentially adding two repeats of the last chart).




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